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Silverado Theme Night Accessories Kit

Silverado Theme Night Accessories Kit

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Come to camper geared up with your Pine Cove Silverado Theme Night Accessories Kit!

Sunday night ride into the night with you classic Pine Cove foam cowboy hat during Rado Roundup.

Monday "Take Me Out to the Ball Game" with your navy baseball socks and hat. 

Tuesday splash your way to a good time with your pool visor and lei during Rado Yacht Club.

Wednesday dance your heart away with your tie dye visor and inflatable donut at the Candy Crush Color Bash.

Thursday hide from the Stealth Patrol and defeat them with your camo bandana in Steal Patrol.

Friday defeat the brumbies with your custom Pine Cove water cannon at the Battle of the Brumbies.

This Accessories kit also comes with a commemorative Pine Cove pendant necklace that you can only get with this pack! 

These kits will ship in the first 2 weeks of May and will arrive before your camper has the BEST WEEK EVER at camp!