Live for What Out Lives You

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Pine Cove's founder Bill McKenzie recounts how God impressed upon him to pursue a unique calling that led to the creation of Pine Cove. Learn from Bill's story how living for the Kingdom of God beats living for anything else that will fade away. All proceeds from this book go to Pine Cove's Project 319.

“Bill McKenzie’s book is an enjoyable read, especially for those who have experienced a Pine Cove conference. But it is much more than that. It is a call to all of us to, as the title suggests, ‘Live for What Outlives You.’ I highly recommend it for everyone, whether you have attended a Pine Cove conference or not.” - Jerry Bridges (Author of Pursuit of Holiness and staff member with The Navigators)

“God can easily do His mighty works in a vacuum, but usually He lays a vision on someone whose faithfulness and persistence ultimately become the platform for God’s majesty. Many of these ‘mighty works’ are decades upon decades in the making. Pine Cove is a great example of this. God needed someone to say ‘Yes’ to Him a long time ago and maintain a vision for what could be through all of the circumstances that would incline more timid souls to give up. Live For What Outlives You is that man’s story . . . and His story.” - Dr. Tim Kimmel (Author of Grace Based Parenting and Grace Filled Marriage)